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Active Program Horses



Andrew is one of our 2 Norweigian Fjord horses at Hands and Hearts. Andrew is a draft horse by nature- even tempered and docile, but at a pony height makes him great for riders that need more assistance from sidewalkers, or those with balance and muscle tone issues. Andrew was donated to Hands and Hearts by Kim Nord, of North Carolina.


Bella is a Holsteiner mare from Tallahassee Florida.  She loves kids and enjoyed traveling across the Southeast to compete in equitation and children's hunter events with her two young owners.  She looks forward to being part of the Hands and Hearts team and teaching her riders new skills and receiving peppermints (her favorite) for a job well done.  She was donated to Hands and Hearts by Susie McKinley.



is one of Hands and hearts newest equine team members.  He is a no-nonsense, work horse attitude guy that is enjoying his new career as a therapy horse.  he is getting used to daily horse-treat rewards, and the kids love brushing and braiding his long blonde mane!  Jeeves is special because he is a Missori Fox Trotter, with a unique gait that really stimulates some of our riders! 



 is a TRIPLE registered Trakhner/Oldenburg/Arabian mare.  She was lovingly owned her entire life by Linda Zeigler of Tallahassee, FL  where she showed in halter, dressage, and h/j.  Cindy is a very sensative ride, which is great to teach newly independent riders how to effectively use their leg and rein aids. 



Originally a show horse in third level dressage, Sham comes to us from Charlotte, NC where he has spent the past seven years working in therapeutic riding at LifeSpan Therapeutic Riding Center.  Highly motivated by both food and the word "whoa", Sham is looking forward to continuing his career as a therapeutic horse as part of the Hands and Hearts team.  Known most for his patient nature, is is loved by all who get to work with him in our pogram.



Stewart was donated to Hands and Hearts when he “retired” from being an active Hunter/Jumper lesson horse in South Carolina.  Stewart is able to help our more advanced riders move up in skill, as he is easy to cue to canter/lope and is sensitive about steering and stopping.  Stewart is the boss among his pasture mates, but is respectful of his riders.




Montana was a dependable mount for her owners, the Williams, of Monticello before he came to Hands and Hearts.  He is slow and steady and is enjoying his new job as a teacher.  He is able to carry a variety of riders and teaching walk/trot lessons with his long smooth trot and great disposition!



Tokette is the newest addition at Hands and Hearts. She is on loan to us by Erin Peavy of Tallahassee, FL. Erin has had Tokette for many years, using her in 4H, showmanship, English and western pleasure, and trail riding. Tokette has a very smooth jog which is great for riders lacking balance or confidence. She is easy for riders to stop, back up, and turn and helping riders progress on their riding skills!

 Teddy with hat

Woody (Teddy)

Woody is a favorite among riders and volunteers! His good natured personality and slow, steady movement makes him one of the most valueable players on the Hands and Hearts team! Woody has been at Hands and Hearts since April 2011 and took 4 riders to victory at Special Olympics in 2011, winning 1 gold, 2 silver, and 4 bronze medals in all! He also is incorporated in our therapeutic vaulting lessons for riders. Woody was donated to Hands and Hearts by Kim Nord of North Carolina.





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